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On the edge of the forest of intellect and knowledge, not too far from here, there is a magical HI-LITE house. In this extraordinary place some peculiar creatures, until very recently, lived together in perfect harmony. Mr Hammer, Mr Chisel, Mrs Paintbrush, Ms Globe, all the little Plug Adaptors and many many more residents kept singing their magical songs of beautiful buildings, cosy pieces of woodwork, and lovely gardens created at their skillful hands. But then… one day… literally out of the blue sky, there appeared a spaceship. A spaceship from the planet Wera. It made its landing right on the porch of the magical HI-LITE house. The occupants of the spaceship came crawling out… all of them vicious Wrenches and Ratchets… invading the peaceful songs sung in the magical HI-LITE house with pervasive war cries… invading these poor creatures’ peaceful lives with new work plans and new skills.

Is their any one out there who can come and save the residents of HI-LITE house from their dreadful plight?

There is, however, a price on the heads of the dreadful Wrench and Rachet warriors! Not too high. In fact: the price is very, very affordable. You, yes you who are reading this now. If it is at all within your power, come save the residents of the magical house of HI-LITE from this invasion. Even if you can save them from only one evil Wrench, please do it!

The magical HI-LITE paint & hardware can be found at 1093 Burnett Street (Save parking entrance Hilda street) or call (012) 362-6089 or info@hilite.co.za.